Key Competitors

Let’s start by taking a look at top competitors in the digital world:

Top Competitor in PPC

  1. Pentagon House Maid
  2. Tazia Maid 
  3. Tunggal Maid
  4. Wynn Maid Agency
  5.  Indomaids 
  6. Agensi Pekerjaan Sri Nadin

SEO And PPC Keywords

This section will highlight some of the top keywords that people look through when searching for Maid Services. The Cost per click (CPC) for the main Keywords is almost RM5.00 per click which is quite competitive in this area. SEO will be highly beneficial in term of ROI in long run due to the high burn our cost for PPC. 

Most competitor will throw thousand of dollar per month in PPC and get very low ROI in this niche. After all, the customer journey to find a maid is a long decision making process. 


Keywords Targeting

wdt_ID Keywords Monthly Searches CPC

Other Related Keywords Group

Other Keywords group which overlap with Maid Agency keywords

  • Foreign Worker Agency 
  • Manpower Agency 

Search Results Breakdown by Position

These chart show the overall domination power by ranking from Position 1 to 10 in the first page results. Position 1 is the highest where it dominate overall market by 31%. 


  • As you can see, the #1 result in Google has a 10x higher CTR compared to the #10 result.
  • top 3 Google search results get 75.1% of all clicks.



Maid Industry Challenge

  • Competing with several illegal agency which use Black Hat SEO
  • Competitors have multiple website ranking in the search results Exp: and YDS is under a same group
  • Rating attack from competitor 

Customer Fear

  • Runaway Maid

  • Scam Syndicate from Illegal Agency

  • No Guarantee in services after paying a lump sum of deposit


Our Strategy

What is the key strategy that will help Impian Maid to generate consistent traffic and sales?

1# Main Strategy : SEO

Establish a strong foundation in Top 3 Ranking in search results to get a consistent monthly leads. 

2# Strategy : Google My Business Map Ranking

  • customer favor agency which nearby their location
  • hotspot location are : KL, Puchong, Damansara, 
  • improve map pack ranking when people search in Google Maps, Waze, etc

2# PPC

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.
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3# Video Content Creation

Most effective way to clear customer doubt and differentiate yourself from Illegal Agency

  • Interview Video on maids / employees
  • Corporate Video ( Location, Training area, Maid Activities )
  • Testimonial Video from Customers
  • Interview Video with any People related to People with the Gov Agency

Here some of the competitors which using Video Strategy: 


  • EW Harmoni Sdn Bhd (
  • Agensi Pekerjaan Sri Idola (

4# Website Redesign

  • Branding consistency : Kawasama Maid Agency
  • Use real images instead of Stock image, this will differentiate you between illegal and real agency
  • Overall design change to ” Corporate, Trust and Formal”

5# Facebook

Facebook VS PPC 

Why Facebook is less effective compare to PPC and SEO ?

– Customer which search for ” Maid Agency ” are ready to commit hence better Conversion Rate compare to Facebook.

– Ads Targeting in Facebook are not effective because People who watch the ads are mostly audience dont consider hiring maid in their mind


Facebook Retargeting

– Improve Conversion rate by 50% from PPC and SEO campaign

– Simple tools to remind your existence after they visited your website by retarget them at Facebook after a few days.


Others Advance Strategy

Churn and Burn Strategy

  • Mostly used by Illegal Maid Agency
  • Create several website to rank on SEO and use on PPC campaign 
  • Will delete the webstite and recreate a new one after the reputations is gone

Multiple Website Location Targeting

  • YDS Group have multiple websites which target different location
  • They have specific websites target only on Puchong and Damansara
  • Higher Visibility in Search results
  • Future proof if one of your brand attack by customer

Our Services Directory / Pricing

– Monthly technical Seo Audit

– 1-3 articles Content creation (2000 words)
– Outreach Campaign for Collaboration,Guest post,Partnership

– Backlinks



Google My Business Optimization

Webste Redesign

Video Content Creation

Facebook Retargeting


PPC (Google Adwords)

Facebook Ads

Display Ads