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SEO Challenges

Market Analysis and Key Areas

PBN User

Almost of the the site ranking are PBN users

  • Most of all users rank by Paid Links and also PBN
  • All of the competitor sites does not have a blog or a case study sections
  • Disadvantage of PBN: Short term ranking, Once penalized the website will not rank again in the future

Reduced Visibility in Organic Exposure

Competition with PPC and Event Snipets apperance in Search Results. Customer will need to scroll longer to reach organic results.

Snippet that block exposure:

  1. Google Map Pack 
  2. Event Happening
  3. FAQ Box

Click Image Below:

PPC Competition

PPC will affect Click Through Rate nonetheless. The current rate of PPC is RM 5 – 7 per click . We will use other paid campaign like Gmail Ads. Refer to our strategy sections.

Area of Focus

Main area of focus will be strengthening Conversion and Sales



As our position in in healthy position and ranking, we will continue to maximize traffic opportunity with increase in ranking and keywords.


– Article Expansion

– Link Building




Optimize Structure of the website and execute re-targeting campaign to fully utilize traffic.

– Website Redesign 

– New Pages
– Retargeting Campaign

– Gmail Ads

– Google Ads Brand Targeting




Improve sales generating tools to increase conversion rate.

– Company Profile 

– Online Sales Proposal

Article Expansion

Main area of focus will be Conversion and Sales part

New Monthly Article

  • Increase of total words of Articles from 1500 to 2000 words per article 

Update existing Top Article Content

  • New ideas and topic will be added into existing content 
  • Turning top content into mega article with 5000 words 

New Blog Layout

  • New Blog Layout to increase Email Subscriber 
  • Reduce bounce out rate of each article 
  • Create new CTA section to link blog to our services page 

Retargeting Campaign for Blog Reader 

  • Retargeting blog reader

Article Planning Map

White / Non Highlight = Existing Content

Yellow = Topic to be cover 

Blue = Top Article Content to be update

Retargeting Campaign

Main Strategy to Improve Conversion Rate

Customer Journey Chart

1st Retargeting Ad

Audience: Early Stage of finding a Event Agency

Intention: Get more info on event and and pricing 
Objective: Get customer to contact us and request proposal

2st Retargeting Ad

Audience: Final Stage of making decision

Intention: Price and Value Comparison
Objective: Close the deal with attractive offers

Retarget Channel

Area where customer will be able to view the Retarget Ads


  • Customer will be able to view the ads in their Inbox 
  • 100% of marketer check their inbox during work hour 

Google Search

  • Remarketing Ads will appear on the Google Search when they search for new Event Agency
  • Great way to remind customer of our company again 

Google Display Network

  • An image banner show on News, Publishing or Blog site
  • For example, the Event Marketer was reading Event News on this site
  • She will be able to view the retargeting offer on the right side of the blog


  • Less effective compare to Gmail and Google Search 
  • Customer check Facebook during non-working hour 
  • Difficult to make decision when audience intent to use Facebook as leisure their leisure

Ads Targeting with Gmail

Different from Retargeting campaign, if customer have not visit our website before we still able to target them with stategy below

Competitor Email List

  • Most powerful strategy of Gmail Ads
  • Ability to target Competitor Customer inbox 
  • For exp: Customer from 

Email List Matching

  • Manually upload a list of  customer emails to target them
  • Email list from existing customer 
  • Email Scrape campaign : For exp, bulk search on Linkedin to acquire Event Marketer of Coca Cola Company Malaysia

Keyword Targeting

  • Customer which have search history of “Event + Company”.


  • Same as retargeting campaign above

Google Ads Brand Targeting

Google Ads Appear when search for Competitor Brand name. For Exp below, When search For Jiggee, there is a event company appear

Online Sales Proposal

Different from Retargeting campaign, if customer have not visit our website before we still able to target them with stategy below

Company Profile

  • A general profile which automatically sent to all inquiry from lead 
  • Content are similar to website structure like About Us, Porffolio, Services we provide
  • Downloadable with PDF 

Online Sales Proposal 

  • A specific sales proposal for to close the deal
  • For example the Nivea Proposal

Why use online Sales Proposal ?

Visual Engaging

  • Ability to control effect of the content
  •  Keep audience attention

Advance Tracking

  • Entire customer journey 
  • Duration of how long was viewed 
  • How many person viewed
  • Number of times was viewed
  • Which section seems interesting 


  • Retarget Audience which have viewed the proposal with specific Offer