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*March 15 2019 – April 29 2020

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E-commerce Analytics

*Jan 1 2019 – March 31 2020

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RM 145.43

Categories Cake Sold

Asian Inspired










Most Popular Cake

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Top 10 Main Keyword Ranking

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Keywords Ranked

2018 Keyword Ranking


2019 Keyword Ranking


2020 Keyword Ranking


Full List of Keywords Table

wdt_ID Search Query Clicks Impressions CTR Average Position

Competitor Analysis

Top Competitor in SEO 

#2 to 1

#1 to 2


#23 to 6

#10 to 7

#20 to 5

Uprising Competitor in SEO 



Competitor Monthly Brand Search

Brands with high number of direct searches

wdt_ID Brand Monthly Searches Year

SEO Challenges

Unexpected Result – Brands with Two Websites

Cake Rush

Flower Chimp
Eat Cake Today

PBN Players

Flower Chimp

Cake Rush

Rising Competitors

Rising competitors with strong existing Domain Authority (DA) – Delectable and Food Panda

Area of Focus in SEO

Increase Number of Back Link

  • Number of backlink needs to be expanded to strengthen the DA
  • Current DA is 15 – require a slight push to increase to 20

Number of Product and Campaign

  • Google SEO reacts directly to the number of campaign and product that are placed at the website
  • More campaign = higher ranking
  • By campaign we main traffic from different directions, hence retargeting campaign needs to be run to bring in traffic from different channels

Google AMP 

Obtain AMP thunder sign by further improving the speed of the site – this allows Whipped to be placed at more prominent position

Link Acquiring 

Media – obtain features and backlink from media and bloggers. Coverage from media (with strong DA) helps to increase Whipped’s DA.

Content Development

Develop viral and sharable content to attract readers, e.g: article about Cafe with Best Cakes in Town to feature brands that Whipped supplies to, in return obtain backlinks from these brands.


Google My Business

Date range : Nov 2018 – to April 2020

Search Trend: Cake Shop Near Me

Search Trend: Food Delivery

Google My Business Growth Chart

Increasing User in Google Maps turned GMB into important channel in Food Industry 

  • Highest User search on Dec 13,000
  • 50% growth between Oct to Nov

Total Searches


Number of times customers found this listing by searching on Google Search or Maps

Direct searches


Number of times customers found this listing by searching for the business name or address on Google Search or Maps

Discovery searches


Number of times customers found this listing by searching for the category, product or service on Google Search or Maps

Total Views


Number of times this listing has been viewed on Google Search or Maps

Search views


Number of times this listing has been viewed on Google Search

Maps views


Number of times this listing has been viewed on Google Maps

Total Number of Action Taken : 2,055

2.06% x 99,747 Total Searches = 2,055

Conversion rate for GMB is 2.06%

Action: Visit Website


Number of times customers have visited the website from this listing

Action: Direction


Number of times customers have requested directions from this listing

Action: Phone Call


Number of times customers have called the business from this listing

Area of Focus

1. Main Marketing Channel

(Traffic Aquisition) This Section focused on bringing in new users


High Conversion / ROI


High CTR and Average ROI

Retargeting Channel

(Conversion) This section improve conversion by showing ads to customer that have visited the our site via multiple channel



Google Display Ads


2. Secondary Marketing Channel



Google Shopping

Not Tested

Google Map


High Impression


High Impression

3. Other Marketing Channel

Explaination on why secondary channel: - higher cost and low conversion

Food Delivery

Not Tested

Affiliate Program

Not Tested

Increase Sales via Retargeting Campaign

According to Google Analytics 96.7 % of people will leave your site or app without buying anything. 

This is an important group to retarget and bring them back to the site.

SEO Retargeting Campaign

User per month : 1,000 

Conversion rate : 3.0%

User not converted : 970 

Retarget Campaign on 970 user which left the site

Retargeting Conversion = 0.5% – 5%

Cake Sold = 5 – 48 Cakes

SEO Retargeting Cost: RM 500 ( Target All)

PPC Retargeting Campaign

User per month : 500 

Conversion rate : 1.2%

User not converted : 494

Retarget Campaign on 494 user which left the site

Retargeting Conversion = 0.5% – 5%

Cake Sold = 3 – 25 Cakes

PPC Cost: RM 800
PPC Retargeting Cost: RM 200

Customer Flow in Retargeting Campaign

User found Whipped via SEO / PPC

Visited several web pages but did not purchase

Customer saw facebook our Facebook Ads with RM15 Coupon for First Time Use

Custome click in through the Ads and re-visit our site again


Digital Channel Calculation

Calculation are base on general F&B industrial report and survey

wdt_ID Channel Ad Spend Impression CTR Clicks Conversion Cake Sold Total Sales

April Analytics Affected Score

Number of Product Available Affected The Bounce Rate and Sales

Increase in Cake Order Opportunity to sell more

  • Highest amount of Users compared to other months
  • Number of Users will continue to increase in May

Affected Score due to lack of Cake Choices

  • Increased in Bounce Rate by 15 – 20% 
  • Drop in Average Session Duration by 40%

2020 - 2021 Goals and Target

Target for SEO Traffic = 2,000 User

Target to increase by 100%

2,000 Monthly Traffic Target

Target for SEO Cake sold = 55 per month

Target for PPC Cake sold = 25

80 Cake Sold Target